Big ice cubes for a stylish, cold, and tasty drink

Making large ice cubes at home should not be difficult or expensive. Therefore we created Kubis. A big ice tray that not only creates perfect ice cubes, but also looks great on the bar table. In this post you can read more about the different types of ice and drinks in which they are best suited.


Drinks with large ice cubes are not a new phenomenon for the first-class bartenders who have long been using ice blocks to cut or chop up large chunks of ice to drinks such as Old Fashioned. Making great ice at home is best done in two ways; either by freezing the ice block (eg in a large plastic box) and then cut up bite-sized cubes, or by freezing ice cubes in ice trays. Silicone ice trays makes it possible to freeze and push out the ice cubes in a way that is not possible with your normal plastic ice tray.

So, why should you use large ice cubes instead of “ordinary ice”? Large pieces of ice are not always better than small, but it is simply different application areas or different drinks if you like. To understand this, we must first clarify the different ice characteristics.

Several small pieces of ice will melt faster than a large piece of ice since they together have a larger total surface area in contact with the liquid / air. This also means that they will cool the drink faster (ice melting means that it absorbs energy / heat from the drink).

Meaning; large pieces of ice melt slower than small, but they will not cool the liquid as fast. To which drinks do you prefer that the ice melts slow and not fast? This is clearly a matter of taste in which many factors to take into consideration; Is the drink sensitive to dilution? Is it important to drink will be super cold fast? Should the drink be kept cold for a longer period? Here is a small guide with simple guidelines that are based on how bartenders handle different different types of ice:

Large ice cubes (5x5cm)

Spirituous drinks which are sensitive to dilution: Old Fashioned, whiskey on the rocks, Negroni and coffee drinks.
Larger servings that should stay cold longer: Bonfire, Sangria and water in the carafe, etc.

For these we recommend Kubis Ice Tray of course

Ice cubes (3x3cm)

More simple drinks that will not be shaken: Aperol Spritz, Gin Tonic, Cuba libre, Tom Collins and others.

Crushed ice

Crushed ice is produced, just as it sounds, by crushing larger ice cubes by example wrapping them in a towel and smash them against a hard surface or tap them with a hammer. The serious can also invest in a ice crusher with a manual crank.

This ice suits muddlers such as Mojito and Caprinha.

How to make clear ice?

Clear ice can be made with almost any ice tray (we recommend Kubis, of course). How transparent the ice becomes is not depending on the ice tray or water, but rather the freezing process. The basic rules are that the ice should freeze slowly from one side. For this many people use silicone molds enclosed in an isolated (styrofoam) box, which slows down the freezing process. This allows the ice to freeze slowly, and have time to give up the oxygen enclosed in the water. The result is clear ice without bubbles.

Experiment with this at home. We at Kubis is not some experts just clear ice.

We focus on the big ice and everything you can do with it.

Good luck with the drinks!

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